A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis  -Anna Coulling


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A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis” is a book written by Anna Coulling. The book is focused on teaching traders how to use volume and price to analyze financial markets.

Volume price analysis for trading success. -The book is divided into several sections that cover topics such as the basics of volume and price analysis, the different types of charts that can be used, and how to interpret price and volume signals. It also covers advanced techniques such as identifying trend reversals and using volume and price to confirm or reject trading signals.

The author emphasizes the importance of understanding the relationship between volume and price, as well as the importance of using a variety of tools and indicators to make informed trading decisions. The book includes numerous examples and case studies to illustrate the concepts discussed.Volume price analysis for trading success.

Overall, “A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis” is a comprehensive guide for traders who want to improve their understanding of the markets and make more informed trading decisions based on volume and price analysis.



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