Apex stands out as a leader in value, consistently offering the lowest prices among firms. With NO daily loss limit and NO scaling rules post-funding, it provides unparalleled flexibility. As the largest futures prop firm, Apex uniquely enables traders to manage up to 20 funded accounts, solidifying its industry dominance. Current Deal: 80% Off! 1 Day to Pass! Half-Off Resets!

80% Off and One Day to Pass

Apex Trader Funding 80% Off any Size Evaluations 

One Day to Pass!!! Pass an Eval and convert it into a PA Account in one trading day!

ALSO- Half Priced Resets!

Offer EXTENDED Until  the Evening of May 31st at 4:59 PM ET

1-day pass 10 days withdraw

* All Rithmic and Tradovate accounts come with a free license included!!!

*Tradovate accounts are also compatible with: Browser, TraingView, Mobile, and Mac.

                            All the prices from the table  below are 80% discounted!!!        

1.Account Size 25k 50k 75k 100k 150k 250k 300k 100kStatic
2.Nr of Contracts 4(40MICROS) 10(100MICROS) 12(120MICROS) 14(140MICROS) 17(170MICROS) 27(270MICROS) 35(350MICROS) 2(20MICROS)
3. Profit Goal 1500$ 3000 4250$ 6000$ 9000$ 15000$ 20000$ 2000$
4. Trailing Threshold 1500$ 2500 2750 3000$ 5000$ 6500$ 7500$ NONE
7.Ninja Trader Licence 75$FREE 75$FREE 75$FREE 75$FREE 75$FREE 75$FREE 75$FREE 75$FREE
8. Real Time Datat Fee 55$FREE 55$FREE 55$FREE 55$FREE 55$FREE 55$FREE 55$FREE 55$FREE
9. Rithmic Price 29.40$ 33.40$ 37.40$ 41.40$ 59.40$ 103.40$ 131.40$ 27.40$
10. Tradovate Price 33.40$ 37.40$ 41.40$ 45.40$ 63.40$ 107.40$ 135.40$ 31.40$
11. Rithmic Reset Fee 85$ 85$ 85$ 85$ 85$ 85$ 85$ 85$
12.Tradovate Reset Fee 105$ 105$ 105$ 105$ 105$ 105$ 105$ 100$
13.Activation Fee Rithmic M-L 85$/130$ 85$/140$ 85$/180$ 85$/220$ 85$/260$ 85$/300$ 85$/340$ 85$/220$
14.Activation Fee Tradovate M-L 105$/150$ 105$/140$ 105$/200$ 105$/240$ 105$/280$ 105$/320$ 105$/360$ 105$/240$

Apex stands out with its minimal rules, low costs, and high contract allowances designed to assess your risk management, profitability, and scalability skills. This approach enables successful traders to progress to a performance account with the opportunity for compensation. Apex does not impose trading restrictions during holidays, news events, or other stringent conditions. You have the freedom to trade for 23 hours a day from 6 PM to 4:59 PM ET the next day, without limitations like daily drawdowns that could prematurely end your trading or restrictive scaling rules. Our plans allow you to maximize your contracts without penalty for exceeding the allowed number.

In essence, Apex is the leading prop trading firm for traders in search of maximum value. With some of the most competitive rates in the industry, Apex guarantees excellent value for your investment. A standout feature is the ability to manage up to 20 accounts, setting Apex apart from the competition. Designed for intermediate to advanced traders, Apex provides cost-effective strategies and unmatched flexibility. By offering a platform that merges affordability with the ability to handle multiple accounts, Apex enables traders to enhance their performance and succeed in the markets. For traders looking for a firm that matches their high standards, Apex is an ideal choice, blending cost-efficiency with strategic benefits.

Why Choose Apex Trader Funding?

  • Receive 100% of the first $25,000 per Account and 90% Beyond That

  • Two Payouts per Month

  • Qualify in as Little as 7 Days

  • Trade Full-Sized Contracts in Evaluations or Funded Accounts

  • No Scaling or Failing by Going Over Contract Size

  • No Daily Drawdowns

  • Trade on Holidays

  • Trade Your Normal Day to Day Strategy or System During The News

  • No Total Cap on the Maximum Payout

  • One-Step Evaluation Process

  • Real-Time Data Included

  • Simple Risk Management Rules

  • Trade With Multiple Accounts up to 20 max

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