BlackBoxStocks is a stock and options platform that offers real-time scanning functionalities, trade alerts, and education, all in one subscription. In this review, we’ll reveal the power of this service and the features that make it a valuable tool for traders.

Upon visiting the BlackBoxStocks website, it’s evident that you get more than what you expect. The platform offers a stock screener, options screener, trading alerts, and education, which can be overwhelming at first. However, after exploring the functionalities and services included, it’s clear that BlackBoxStocks is an all-in-one solution for traders seeking an edge in the market.

When it comes to trading stocks and options, having access to real-time market data can be crucial. That’s why BlackBoxStocks offers a powerful platform that provides fast and accurate real-time data for over 8,000 stocks and up to 900,000 options contracts, all for a competitive price that includes no additional costs.

One of the key features of BlackBoxStocks is its proprietary stock screener, which combines market data with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. The screener uses some of the same technologies perfected by high-frequency traders on Wall Street, providing traders with a unique advantage.

The stock screener offers a range of pre-defined scanning logics and filters to help traders find the best stocks to trade. Users can select from a group of stocks to analyze, including all stocks, Nasdaq only, or NYSE/AMEX only. They can also filter stocks by price per share, selecting from under $5, under $10, under $100, over $5, over $10, over $50, or over $100.

The stock screener offers a user-friendly layout that includes a chart, top 10 gainers, volatility indicator, real-time news, alert log, and alert stream. The chart offers various time intervals and chart styles and a long list of trading indicators that can be applied to the chart. The top 10 gainers from today and yesterday can be visualized, and users can click on a stock symbol to change the chart to the new symbol.

The volatility indicator provides a quick glance at the current volatility indication, last price, traded volume, change from yesterday, bid, and ask. Users can change the stock symbol individually by clicking on the discreet box called Load Symbol, and the chart will update accordingly.

Real-time news is integrated into the platform, offering users access to regular feeds like PR Newswire and TheFlyontheWall live news feed. News can be a primary catalyst for market movements, making this feature an essential part of the platform.

The alert log provides pre-defined alerts based on unusual trading activity, and users can sort the list by time, volatility, and change. Clicking on an alert will show the exact point when the alert came in on the chart. The alert stream includes a hidden gem, the ability to filter between 52-week highs and lows, stock price spikes, halts, low float stock filters, and even dark pool activity, which can show unusual big prints.

Finally, at the bottom right, users have access to a navigation bar that includes the megaphone for the alert stream, pre-market scan, post-market scan, market scan, volume ratio list, a news feed, StockTwits activity, and the main chat window, where moderators answer questions, post trades, and mention free educational webinars.

The BlackBoxStocks options scanner is a powerful tool for scanning the options market and following the options flow. The scanner allows you to follow the institutions on Wall Street by identifying unusual options activity, enabling you to follow the smart money to make well-informed decisions.

The BlackBoxStocks options screener has many features, including identifying options trades that have been executed above the ask, which indicates that the buyer wanted to get filled immediately. Accessing historical options flow by setting a date range is also a cool feature, allowing you to analyze if a filter was powerful in the past.

One of the best features of the BlackBoxStocks options screener is the ability to download the data, which opens up an entirely new world of analysis. By exporting data for a month and consolidating it in Excel, you can use formulas to find short-dated option alerts, evaluate the out-of-the-money percentage, and set the transaction’s value in relation to either the average trading volume or market cap. You can then open a chart and look at the price action in comparison to your Excel-built filters.

The educational part of BlackBoxStocks is also noteworthy. The BlackBoxStocks welcome message emphasizes the importance of slowing down and being cautious, and the educational part of the service provides a calendar with specific dates and times for BlackBoxStocks orientation, Q&A webinars, the understanding options flow webinar, and the BlackBoxStocks Boot Camp. The Boot Camp Class is included free of charge for all BlackBoxStocks subscribers and is designed to help take your trading skills from the basement to the penthouse.

In the first phase of BlackBoxStocks, you learn basic market terminology, short selling, trading penny and low float stocks, technical analysis, and support and resistance levels. The second phase focuses on options trading, including calls, puts, strike prices, time decay, and directional options strategies. The final phase delves into the Blackbox System’s proprietary features, including alert systems, scanners, charting programs, the trading community, live trading rooms, moderators, and social media sentiment. The community is centred on stocks and options, with a chat room providing alerts and guidance. BlackBoxStocks offers a free trial and a 20% discount with a promo code. The monthly subscription costs $79.97, and the annual subscription includes a 20% discount. The platform is best suited for day trading beginners and active traders. The BlackBox Bootcamp Class is free for all subscribers, and the BlackBoxStocks Blog offers additional resources.

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