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Fair Value Gap – ICT


This is an update to the Inner Circle Trader (ICT) Fair Value Gap (FVG) v0.0.2.3 indicator by gemify​.

The image shows the extras I have added.
The Max Lookback Bars was removed because all it did was prevent the indicator from detecting FVG for X bars.

The two primary improvements added are:
Require FVG bars in the same direction. When enabled, the three FVG bars must all be up bars for an upward FVG to be detected.
Time Ranges: Pretty self-explanatory. The FVG can now be limited to the three Silver Bullet times or RTH.

Plus several little tweaks internally.

Future wish list improvements:
I want to be able to combine two FVGs that are close together into one FVG, but it depends on how worthy I think the technique is for trading. Maybe someone else would like to take this on. It will require redoing the Draw: rectangle tag and List<> object.

Happy Trading.

The ATR calculation was fixed. The original code only fed the Close price to the ATR, but it requires High, Low, & Close prices.


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