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Free Auto ATR displays the median ATR for the last Median Period. It will auto-update once the high or low of the median ATR breaks. The idea is to play the range or break out and help increase risk/reward ratios.​ The full source can be viewed on  GitHub.


This is an indicator that auto-updates the median Average True Range.


Trade Ideas

  • Use the high, low, or median lines as targets or stops
  • Play reversion from the upper and lower ranges
  • Play breakouts from high and low


  • ATR – The ATR period.
  • ATR Multiplier – The multiplier is used with the ATR to calculate the prices.
  • Median Period – Used to calculate the ATR for the last x number of bars.
  • Fixed Length – The length of the lines.
  • Right Offset – The offset for the lines from the right.
  • Range Percentage – The range for the upper and lower ranges.
  • Line Opacity – The opacity of the lines.
  • Range Opacity – The opacity for the ranges.
  • High Color – The color of the high line.
  • Median Color – The color of the median line.
  • Low Color – The color of the low line.
  • Upper Range Color – The color of the upper range.
  • Lower Range Color – The color of the lower range.
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