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This is a simple addon that allows you to place in the ninja upper bar the drawing tools u need fast and also plots labeled lines volume profile etc

Simple implementation of The Inner Circle Trader’s (ICT – http://theinnercircletrader.com) Fair Value Gap (FVG).

The indicator has the following parameters:

Max Lookback Bars
This is the maximum number of prior bars to use for FVG detection. Defaults to 500.

ATR Period
The indicator uses the ATR to determine if there has been an impulse move. This is the number of bars to use for ATR calculation. Defaults to 10.

ATRs in Impulse Move
The number of ATRs in a single bar is considered an “Impulse” move. Defaults to 1.1.

  • Option to display/hide filled FVGs.
  • FVG fill condition options:
  • Pierce through close through 
  • Configurable opacity for FVG colors

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