Ninja Trader toolbar with labeled lines



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Ninja Trader toolbar with labeled lines

here a few off al features included ⇓

Fibonacci extensions and retracements

OrderFlow Volume Profile 

Angled Line

Line, ray and extended line combined



Trend channel tool designed for simplicity

Support Line

Perfectly horizontal support/resistance line


Perfectly horizontal trend channel

Measured Move

Measure 2 equal legs


Take measurements between 2 points


4 more arrow markers with custom size


Predefined annotations and multilines text wrapping

Standard & Third Party Drawing Tools

Pin any drawing tool for quick access

Plot Executions Button

Plot your trade executions with markers only or text + markers

Snipping Tool Button

Run Windows snipping tool to take a quick snapshot

Show/Hide/Remove all Drawings and Indicators

Buttons to hide/reveal all drawings/indicators and to remove all drawings

Panning & Zooming

Left click panning and scroll wheel zooming for easy chart navigation

ATR / LAG / Clock

Display current ATR value, chart latency and clock time

Chart Refresh Rate

Set your own chart refresh rate (maximum number of updates per second)

Clean Chart

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