The Ninja Trader Trade Copier is a tool designed for copying orders between different positions, offering the flexibility to mix and match accounts and instruments. For instance, a master position might be set up with Account: TT12345 and Instrument: /ES 03-24, while a follower position could also use Account: TT12345 but with Instrument: /MES03-24. In such cases, the distinction between master and follower is determined by the combination of account and instrument, rather than the accounts themselves.

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Here’s how the Ninja Trader Trade Copier operates:

  • It replicates market orders to the follower positions immediately after an order is placed in NinjaTrader.
  • For limit/stop orders, it waits until they are filled in the master position. Once confirmed, it sends corresponding market orders to the follower positions. This method can be used to create covert stop-losses for the follower positions.
  • The quantity ratio setting allows for adjusting the contract volume sent to the follower position.
  • Trading can be toggled on or off via a button on the chart.

To ensure safe operation, the Ninja Trader Trade Copier includes several safety checks:

  • It verifies that follower positions are flat when the master position is flat, to avoid discrepancies due to the trade copier being inadvertently disabled. If any follower position isn’t flat, the system flattens it and alerts the trader.
  • It compares follower and master settings to prevent infinite order loops. If detected, the copier shuts down, sounds an alert, and logs an error message.
  • Additional checks are performed to maintain system integrity and logged accordingly.

It’s strongly advised to use simulation accounts when testing this tool to become familiar with its functionality. As with any trading tool, usage is at the trader’s own risk.

Wishing you successful trading.


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