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This NT8-OrderFlow kit  is a volume analysis toolkit, it is focused on all Futures markets it is based on the Wyckoff method

This NT8-OrderFlow kit is a volume analysis toolkit with which you can access to the Bookmap, Order flow, Market volume, Market filter and Volume profile. I designed these tools to be used for investment funds, banks, retail traders, among other entities. With them, you will be able to detect high-frequency trading, contract volume, type-reading, inefficiencies, accumulation, manipulation and other techniques related to professional volume analysis.

Many thanks to Gabriel Zenobi for releasing this as NT8-OrderFlow kit  a free version!

This project is open source, my full code and how to install it is in the following link, please check this info:

This code is open source so contribute if you want!, you can do your own versions(give me credits please) or use it for study. If this is useful please donate, the info is in the link provided.


NT8-OrderFlow kit -The Wyckoff Method, developed by Richard D. Wyckoff in the early 20th century, is a comprehensive approach to trading that emphasizes price action, volume, and time. It’s not directly related to Order Flow trading, but there are some intersections in how both methods assess supply and demand dynamics in the market.

  1. Wyckoff Method:
    • Principles: The Wyckoff Method is based on identifying the supply and demand forces in the markets and how they relate to price movements. It focuses on three fundamental laws:
      • The Law of Supply and Demand: Determines the price direction.
      • The Law of Cause and Effect: Helps in understanding potential price movement based on the accumulation and distribution phases.
      • The Law of Effort versus Result: Offers insights into the volume of trading versus the price movement.
    • Phases: The method includes identifying various phases of market cycles: accumulation, markup, distribution, and markdown. By recognizing these phases, traders can anticipate future price movements.
    • Volume: Volume plays a crucial role in confirming or rejecting the potential price movements suggested by the price action.
  2. Order Flow Trading:
    • Concept: Order Flow trading revolves around the idea that understanding the buy and sell orders in the market can provide an edge. Traders analyze the real-time flow of orders and make decisions based on this data.
    • Tools: It often involves tools like the Depth of Market (DOM), Time and Sales, and Volume Profile to understand where buyers and sellers are creating their positions.
    • Application: Traders look for imbalances in buy and sell orders, identifying potential support and resistance levels and predicting price movements based on these imbalances.
  3. Intersection of Wyckoff and Order Flow:
    • Supply and Demand: Both methods place a strong emphasis on understanding supply and demand dynamics. Order Flow provides a more real-time view of this dynamic, while Wyckoff focuses on identifying it through historical price and volume analysis.
    • Volume Analysis: Wyckoff’s emphasis on volume can complement Order Flow analysis, as volume is a key component in understanding the strength behind order flow signals.
    • Price Action: Both methods rely heavily on analyzing price action to make trading decisions. Wyckoff’s phases can often be identified through patterns in the Order Flow.
  4. Application in Trading:
    • Complementary Use: Traders might use Wyckoff’s principles to understand the broader market structure and cycle phases, and then use Order Flow to fine-tune their entry and exit points based on real-time data.
    • Confirmation: For example, a trader might identify an accumulation phase using Wyckoff’s method and then look for bullish Order Flow signals as a confirmation to enter a long position.

In summary, while the Wyckoff Method and Order Flow trading are distinct approaches, they both focus on supply and demand dynamics and can be used together to provide a more rounded view of the market. Wyckoff provides a structured approach to market cycles and volume analysis, while Order Flow offers real-time insights into buying and selling pressure.


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