Enhance Your Trading with the Obsidian Indicator Suite for NinjaTrader 8


As market conditions continually shift and evolve, trading strategies need to do the same. That’s why we’ve developed the Obsidian Indicator Suite — an all-encompassing collection of powerful trading indicators, designed exclusively for NinjaTrader 8. The suite integrates our finest indicators, combining robust features and cutting-edge technology, making it an essential addition to any trading toolkit.

The Obsidian Indicator Suite: An Overview

This comprehensive suite encompasses:

  1. Automated Dark Diamond Trend Sniper
  2. Dark Diamond Trend Sniper
  3. Obsidian Moving Average Suite
  4. Obsidian News
  5. Obsidian Overwatch
  6. Orenko Bar & Orenko Threshold
  7. Obsidian Orderflow Delta

Each component of this suite is meticulously crafted to aid informed trading decisions, enhance market awareness, and empower traders across all experience levels.

Key Features

Automated Dark Diamond Trend Sniper

This tool offers both auto and semi-auto functionality for customized trading control. It also includes audio alerts, customizable entry and exit conditions, and the capacity to use your personalized ATM strategy, all compatible with various bar types such as Renko and Heiken Ashi.

Dark Diamond Trend Sniper

This indicator provides a distinct representation of bullish and bearish diamond and arrow signals, complete with audio notifications. It also offers automatically detected support and resistance lines and compatibility with various bar types.

Obsidian Moving Average Suite

Offering complete customization and a variety of moving averages to choose from, this indicator provides comprehensive control over your analysis. You can also enhance your visual analysis with the option to fill the area between moving averages.

Obsidian News

This indicator provides real-time updates on economic news events, offering previous and forecast numbers to aid in understanding market expectations. Also included are audible alerts and seamless integration with your existing NinjaTrader 8 platform.

Obsidian Overwatch

Offering multilayered price action tracking and strength visualization, this indicator provides a comprehensive understanding of market movements. Other features include real-time tick readings, index correlation, and customizable settings.

Obsidian Orderflow Delta

Designed for in-depth delta analysis, this indicator delivers Cumulative Delta and Per Bar Delta for understanding buying and selling pressure in the market. It also does not require tick replay and offers customizable cumulative delta reset.

Orenko Bar & Orenko Threshold

These tools provide enhanced trend visualization and improved risk management. Orenko bars focus on price movements, reducing ambiguity, and aiding in stop-loss and profit target placements.

Important Guidelines for Automated Dark Diamond Trend Sniper

To get the best out of Automated Dark Diamond Trend Sniper (ADDTS), adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Only operate one instance of ADDTS to avoid undesired behavior.
  2. Use a simulation account or playback connection to familiarize yourself with ADDTS before trading.
  3. Avoid overnight trading unless there’s a strong trending market and above-average volume.
  4. Trade instruments with high liquidity during regular NYSE hours.
  5. Avoid trading during economic news events. If you do trade, use a time-based bar type with a short time frame.
  6. Be cautious when taking entries on unconfirmed signals. Monitor for the unconfirmed signal to confirm.
  7. Avoid trading tight-ranging or choppy markets.

Signal Life Cycle

While using ADDTS, you’ll notice a defined signal life cycle. In a bearish trend, the next signal will be a PTC Long. If the price continues to be bullish, a Long signal will be formed. If the price reverses before a Long signal is formed, a Short signal will be formed. This process inversely applies to bullish trends.


The Obsidian Indicator Suite brings together advanced indicators into a comprehensive package for NinjaTrader 8, enabling traders to make informed decisions, increase market awareness, and customize their trading strategy. With this suite, traders can fully utilize the powerful, user-friendly, and versatile tools to navigate the markets successfully.

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