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This indicator for NinjaTrader 8.0 calculates swings in different ways and visualizes them. It shows swing information like the swing length, duration, volume, etc. It contains a lot of features and it is useable in the Market Analyzer.

Strategies based on older PriceActionSwing versions will not work with this update.
Remove old PriceActionSwing versions (do a backup first) before you import the updated version.

The package contains two indicators:
– Swing indicator with visualization and swing information
– ABC patterns
– Compute divergences based on different indicators
– Naked swing lines
– Swing statistics
– Draw Fibonacci extensions and retracements automatically
– Swing trend and relation visualization
– Swing volume (repainting)

Helpful to see/trade price action based on swings and patterns like double tops/bottoms, wedges and many more.

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