TradeDay has harnessed decades of expertise in the prop firm and futures trading sectors to meticulously craft its funding and evaluation programs. This wealth of experience and knowledge has culminated in creating a top-tier funding firm in the industry, committed to proficiently training traders and equipping them with the necessary skills to succeed and profit in the markets.

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What they say

What We Say

At TradeDay, we recognize the difficulties and risks associated with achieving consistent and profitable trading. We’re also well aware of how poor trading habits can negatively impact performance.
However, there’s great news. With over 80 years of combined industry experience and a long history of successful trading, we’ve trained hundreds of aspiring traders, producing numerous success stories in the process.We’ve achieved success ourselves, we’ve replicated it for others, and we’re confident in our ability to help you develop the skills needed for trading success.

TradeDay is an exciting new entry to our expanding list of prop trading firms. It stands out as an appealing choice for traders who value a simple evaluation process and clear route to funding. TradeDay is renowned for its accessibility, featuring some of the lowest profit targets in the industry, making it an exceptionally attractive option for those seeking funding with the least hassle. Additionally, the platform enhances the funding journey by offering free resets during subscription renewals. Once traders achieve funding, TradeDay imposes no withdrawal restrictions and does not charge any membership fees.This trader-centric approach makes TradeDay one of our top recommended firms for beginner to intermediate traders aiming for success in the evaluation phase. Furthermore, its payout policy is among the most liberal and straightforward in the market!

TradeDay Details

Current Deal: May Sale! 40% Off & No Activation Fee

For Evaluation Traders

  • Lowest Profit Targets Around
  • End Of Day trailing max drawdown
  • Free resets on subscription renewal

You have 3 objectives to meet. 

  • Make Money. Trade until you reach the profit target set for you. Show us you have a profitable strategy by reaching the profit target of your evaluation.
  • Track Record. Trade for a minimum of 10 days. Show us you can make money over a period of time. Each day you trade counts toward your 10 day objective.
  • Be Consistent. We want to back traders not gamblers. Show us you are not getting lucky on high risk trades. No single day’s profit should be greater than 30% of your total profit.

There are 3 Rules, Don’t break ‘em!

  • Permitted Times. Day trade only. Close all positions before the market closes each day. No holding market positions over tier 1 market data releases.
  • Permitted Products. Only trade the permitted products. TradeDay traded the CME Exchange Group Futures Products.
  • EOD Trailing Drawdown. Don’t lose more than this amount. This is the total amount you can lose before the evaluation is over. The trailing maximum drawdown is calculated on end-of-day trading balances.

Reset The Evaluation

If you break a rule the evaluation is over. But don’t worry, you can immediately start it again by purchasing a reset for $99, or wait until your subscription payment renews and we will reset you for free. 

For Our Funded Traders

  • No restrictions on withdrawals
  • End Of Day trailing max drawdown
  • No monthly TradeDay membership fees

Keep the first $10,000 you make, then 90% thereafter! …and no requirements or restrictions on payouts!



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