Start Making Money Through Leveraging Multiple Accounts With a Prop Company


First of all, for those who are unfamiliar, a Prop Company is a company that provides traders with capital to trade various financial instruments such as stocks, commodities, futures, derivatives, and currencies. The trader is usually required to pass an evaluation or challenge before they are given the capital to trade. Each prop company has its own set of rules, profit targets, and maximum loss allowed.

Now, how to make money with the help of a prop company:


  1. Find a reliable and trustworthy prop company that allows multiple accounts and copy trading. (I personally use Apex Funding Trader, as it meets my needs and requirements).
  2. Plan ahead: My plan is to obtain 20 funded accounts and make 100$ a day on each of the accounts with the help of a copy trader (I use Replikanto Flow Bots). The copy trader sends orders from one of the accounts (the master account) to all the other accounts.

Now you will say why 100$- because trading 2-3 MICROS of MES or MNQ or MYM or MCL keeps your risk small and make 100$ fast, also 100$/day X 20/acc X 5 days a week X 4 weeks in a month is 40k$ yes 40000 thousants$ you read well, and yes this is LEVERAGE through multiple accounts

Now, to reach this goal YOU must be prepared with the following:

1-money of course (nothing free in this world besides Free kindness. I am sure you heard that what you offer is what you get and that the universe is working for us when we choose to be kind, as it supports and amplifies our efforts to create a better world for all. By simply being our best selves and acting with love and compassion, we can help to make the universe a kinder and more beautiful place.)

Be prepared: To achieve this goal, you need to have:

  1. patience,
  2. a strong desire to succeed
  3. a strategy – learn about trading strategies  HERHERE HERE HERE
  4. and most importantly, not overtrade or overexpose yourself to excessive leverage.

Make a Plan:

The first step in planning is to define your goals and objectives clearly.

Identify potential solutions and strategies,

Determine the necessary resources, allocate these resources, develop schedules and timelines, and regularly monitor and evaluate your progress.

By following these principles of planning, you can ensure that your plan is well-structured, effective, and ultimately successful in achieving your desired outcomes.

By following these steps and principles of planning, you can increase your chances of success in making money with the help of a prop company.

In conclusion, having multiple funded accounts through a prop company and using copy trading can be a lucrative way to maximize your earning potential in the financial markets. However, it is important to have a well-defined plan and to be patient, disciplined, and responsible in your trading approach. Additionally, having a good set of tools, such as reliable indicators, can help you make better-informed trading decisions.


                                                                                                                              To be continued


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