The Eight-Free Pack Indicators NT8

Inside the free package, you will find 8 indicators for NinjaTrader 8 trading platform to speed up and simplify intraday futures trading.

The download link is found at the bottom of this article, please read carefully about how to activate this indicator. The indicators are free to use and are created for NT8 by


In order to activate and also  get  the free lifetime license for these indicators, you will have to send an email containing the machine ID where the indicators will be activated.

Send your machine ID to


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The Eight- Free Pack Indicators NT8 contains:

1. Chart trader indicator

Easy Trade Indicator is a FREE indicator for NinjaTrader 8 – It allows you to place orders to enter and exit the market with a single click of the mouse on the chart

The indicator extends the usual capabilities of a Chart Trader so that you no longer have to use hotkeys or buttons to enter the market, all you have to do is click the button on the mouse at any point on the chart

A limit order will be placed wherever the mouse cursor points

Download free indicators for NinjaTrader 8 – Place SHORT entry limit order

Download free indicators for NinjaTrader 8 – Place LONG entry limit order

Download free indicators for NinjaTrader 8 – Flatten everything command



2.Advanced risk/reward tool

MASvRisk allow you to draw Risk/Reward ratio tool anywhere on the chart just by clicking on the mouse wheel. Using only one mouse wheel button, you can measure the possible risk of the trade and the profit from it with fast risk/reward extension                                                 

Limit order will be placed on the bar you are pointing on                                                       

Download free indicators for NinjaTrader 8 – mascapital.ukBelow bar = Risk/Reward ratio for SHORT


Download free indicators for NinjaTrader 8 – mascapital.ukAbove bar = Risk/Reward ratio for LONG            





Detailed market statistics

MASvStats indicator helps to identify key market parameters to take the right calls. Indicators have: candle size indication, which allows you to know in advance your risk, market dominant forces indication, and market direction prediction based on internal calculations

4.Market trend & choppiness filter

MASvBar Indicator will help you to be on the right side of the market. It shows you main market direction, filter the noise and helps you to see the direction of the market much better

Plus, a small improved indicator of the standard bar time (MASvTimer), which helps to visually adjust the standard timer from NinjaTrader.

5.Account loss limit (trade limiter)

The Trader Limit indicator will stop the trading when the trader has reached the maximum loss level, which he set for the day

This indicator will not allow you to place an order to enter the market when the maximum loss is reached, which will protect the trader and his account from even greater losses and help to build a trading discipline

6.Dynamic support & resistance levels

SRDynamicLines is an indicator that allows you to place resistance and support levels from different timeframes on one chart

With this indicator, you can see resistance and support levels from higher timeframes on the same chart, so you know where to enter the market and where you better wait

7.Symbol watermark in NinjaTrader

SymbolWatermark – a simple but quite useful indicator that will help you add a watermark symbol to your trading chart, sometimes you need it so much!

8.Better bar timer for NT8

BetterBarTimer – another light and simple indicator that allows you to add a candlestick timer to the chart. The timer will now be positioned on the left! You can also add a visual indication that the candle is about to close.

NinjaTrader 8 free indicators pack installation process

Installation process

1. Download indicators by click the HERE

2. Import indicators to NinjaTrader 8

NinjaTrader —> Tools —> Import —> NinjaScript Add-on —> Select downloaded .zip file

3. Send your machine ID to

Machine ID can be Found at NinjaTrader 8 Control Center —> Help —> About

* We will NOT ask you for any payment, subscription or anything like that. Our free indicator pack is really free, and it is used by more than 1,000+ traders over the world.

** Machine ID is only needed to link a Free Lifetime License to your NinjaTrader 8 software.
*** Unlimited Machine ID submission is allowed.

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