For this trading strategy , you will need the following indicators:

The Vegas Tunnel


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The indicator is a trend-following setup that will keep one out of choppy markets and on the right side of the trend.

Here are some ATM strategies for take a profit and stop loss:ATM Strategies  – to use the atm strategy go to Ninja Trader 8 file on your computer go to templatesstrategies →and copy paste the files from this folder there(you will have to unzip)

Then make the same way with the next folder STOP Strategies which are the stops and trailing, just that you will unzip the folder and will copy paste in the stop strategy file, if u don’t have one just create one and paste the files into it .


A mahDualCandlePattern

Written by @aligator on Ninjatrader and Futures.IO Forums

This is an Implementation of Ken Calhoun’s Dual-Candle Momentum Breakouts, December 2018 TASC. The indicator uses an 8-period HMA for trend direction intended for intraday trades.

The MA period can be increased for trading stocks on daily charts. The indicator also exposes signals for Market Analyzer which is a very useful tool for scanning a stock list.

The trading strategy will be this:

  1. Wait for the market to come into the area of the “tunnel”. When it breaks ABOVE the upper tunnel boundary, you go long. When it breaks BELOW the lower tunnel boundary, you go short
  2. Stops and reverse are placed on the other side of the tunnel.
  3. As the market trades in your direction, you take partial profits at the successive fib numbers respectively(the fibs are the EMAs levels from the indicator preset), with the final portion of your position left on until one of the following conditions occur: 1) market hits the last fib number [EMA 377 ] from the ema’s, or 2) the market eventually comes back to the tunnel and violates the other side.
  4. This strategy works the best on a bigger chart time frame like 30min-1hour with the entry on a 5min chart
  5. When the ‘Vegas Tunnel’ is tight and confined, it is not recommended to simply set a stop loss on the opposite side of the tunnel. This may result in frequent losses due to the volatility of the stock’s price. To make a more informed decision, it is suggested to analyze the hourly charts and look at the support and resistance levels from the most recent hours. This approach may help to mitigate the risk of being whipsawed
  6. Add to the chart the MahTrendGraber for a plus confirmation for your trade



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