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Trade The Pool is a stock trading prop firm. The brand was developed by Five Percent Online Ltd., the company that operates, a well-known and highly reputed online prop firm established in 2016.

Withdraw profits and scale up your funded account at the same time.

The rules are pretty easy to follow. First, you must know the Trade The Pool allow you to trade stocks only, so no forex or futures. Is designed for stock traders

Detailes about the platform and many other resources that can help you pass the challenges is      TradingArsenal


To become a Funded Trader:

Reach 6 times your daily loss (Risk Per Day, RPD). If your daily loss = $700, reach $4200 in profit and get a TTP funded account

Risk Management:

Minimum trades = 50.
Risk not more than 30% of your daily loss per trade (calculated automatically while trading)

Max Drawdown:

3 times your daily loss.

What Can I Trade:

Almost any stock and ETF in the U.S. markets

Trading Hours

From the opening bell (9:30 ET) to 5 minutes before EOD (15:55 ET)

End of Day

All trades must be closed by 15:55 ET. Day trading only.

Also, the program allows you to have unlimited buying power and can trade you can trade more than 12,000 stocks and ETFs!

There are 3 challenges available:















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