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OrderFlow Ladder DOM column

OrderFlow Ladder

OrderFlow Ladder


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Time&Sales SuperDom


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Bi-Directional Buy Sell Volume Super DOM Column


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SuperDOM OrderFlow Ladder  is a free order flow ladder for Ninjatrader v8.

The SuperDOM column can display the following:

This Super DOM Column plots the Buy and Sell Volume from the midpoint of the Column out to the left (Buy Volume) and to the right (Sell Volume) versus the Volume Super DOM Column which plots from left to right

superdom time&sales








Last trades

Buys / Sells in a configurable sliding time window (defaults to 60 seconds) + Imbalance detection

Last prints or Largest prints at price in sliding window

Session Buys / Sells + Imbalance detection

Session and Sliding Window Buy/Sell histograms

Potential ICE execution

Bid/Ask + Bid/Ask stacking/pulling

Bid/Ask histogram

Large resting Bid/Ask orders (highlighted)

Volume histogram

If in a position, Current P/L + Session P/L + Account cash value


Notes from an external URL, OR a local file

To activate it in SuperDOM u must first download the file and import it in NT8 after that go to NT control center click New, select SuperDOM, right-click in the SuperDOM window, select Columns, and then double-click on the indicator Free Trader Ladder, same step for the Time&Sales indicator. from here u can go to properties and select what you want for  your ladder to show

​Current Version: v0.4.2 (02/01/2023)  OrderFlow Ladder
Release notes:…


Many thanks to Gemify  -the creator of these indicators (ninja trader)




































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